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Call for Presentation Proposals

2019 AAUA Leadership SeminarJune 6 – 7Detroit, Michigan
(With optional campus visits to be scheduled for June 5)

"Creative and Effective Approaches to Common Problems
Confronting American Higher Education"

The American Association of University Administrators (AAUA) invites individuals and teams to submit proposals for presentation at the association's 2019 Annual Leadership Seminar.

This seminar is an opportunity for institutions to share new, creative, and/or especially effective programs and practices that have demonstrated or have great promise to demonstrate the improvement of higher education. Given the diverse nature of AAUA membership, it is an opportunity for personnel from institutions of one type to teach and share with those at very different institutions. (Note: AAUA membership embraces personnel in all administrative roles and at all administrative levels, from department chair/unit director to president. It enrolls personnel from all institutional types—two- and four-year colleges; comprehensive and research universities; publicly supported and privately supported institutions, both non- and for-profit; and specialized career- and professional schools.)

ABOUT THE SEMINAR: The AAUA Annual Leadership Seminar comprises a limited number of American higher education professionals who are keenly interested in administrative practices. The number of seminar participants is limited to no more than 75; this limitation ensures opportunities for meaningful interaction between presenters and participants as well as among participants themselves. Many participants find the seminar as a place of meaningful professional networking and/or a place where scholarly collaborations are initiated. Perhaps most importantly, the AAUA Leadership Seminar is intended and designed as an administrators’ professional development meeting where we "close the doors and talk about issues that we might not be willing to talk about in larger, more open venues." Membership in AAUA is not required to participate in or present at the leadership seminar.

ABOUT THE PRESENTATIONS: This is not a program that focuses on theoretical work in higher education. (AAUA values such thought and research but believes that there are sufficient alternative outlets for reporting and discussing these matters—including a professional/scholarly journal published by AAUA, the Journal of Higher Education Management.) Reports on the current state of higher education or on current higher education research are included when they demonstrate relevancy to the day-to-day practice of higher education leadership. Primarily, we seek presentations that share the details and outcomes of emerging and model programs; we seek presentations that present new administrative, leadership, or management strategies and results; we seek presentations that promulgate effective approaches to addressing and solving common higher education problems. This is a seminar … we expect that all sessions will deliberately and systematically involve participants in collective engagement and problem solving related to the issue(s)/problem(s); this is an "active-participant", not a "sit-and-listen" program; successful proposals will demonstrate attention to this expectation. (Simply leaving time for questions is not enough!)

The theme of the 2019 seminar, "Creative and Effective Approaches to Common Problems Confronting American Higher Education" is especially appropriate for presentations that propose to lead the participants though a consideration of alternative responses to the most vexing issues confronting today's college and university administrators. Proposals that describe new and creative tactics—both actual and posited, as well as proposals that promise to engage participants in the design of inventive problem resolutions are encouraged.

WHAT WE'RE ESPECIALLY LOOKING FOR: The program planning committee believes that the success of the seminar is validated when participants leave with new thoughts about and new perspectives on common problems in higher education. The committee seeks proposals for presentations about which—upon completion—seminar participants will say one or more of the following, "Wow, that's a great and very creative way to respond to that issue," or "I'm already thinking about how we can apply this at home," or "I've never thought about this problem in this way before." The committee does not believe that only administrative personnel can identify these issues and lead these discussions; proposals from faculty, policy-makers, community leaders, as well as the entire range of administrative personnel are welcome.

PRESENTATION AND PROGRAM DESIGN: Each selected presentation will be allocated 30-60 minutes (depending on the nature of the topic/presentation). The number of presentation opportunities is very limited; thus, selection will be quite competitive. (In past years, we have only been able to accept slightly fewer than one-half of all proposals submitted.) Presenters must demonstrate in their proposals precisely how they will collaboratively engage participants in a true seminar fashion. Proposals from teams of presenters will be given preference. We are especially interested in multi-institutional perspectives. (Observational Note: Most recently, the most successful presentations have included two or more presenters from one institution, with a respondent from another institution who was also responsible for creatively and actively engaging the seminar participants with session presenters.)

EXPECTATIONS OF PRESENTERS: Since the seminar is designed as a collaborative experience, all presenters are expected to register for, attend, and participate in the entirety (all sessions) of the seminar. The main portion of the AAUA Annual Leadership Seminar begins at approximately 9am on Thursday, June 6th and concludes mid-afternoon on June 7th. (Several optional campus visits will be scheduled for the afternoon of Wednesday, June 5th. Presenter participation in the campus visits is welcomed, but neither required nor expected.)

The concluding session (June 7th) is a formal luncheon at which the association presents several annual recognition awards; presentations describing awarded successful higher education practices and exemplary models are included in the luncheon program. (A complete list and description of AAUA awards can be found on the association website—WWW.AAUA.ORG.) Presenters are expected to remain and attend this luncheon as well; seminar presenters and participants who remain through the awards luncheon will receive fully-paid dues membership to AAUA for the 2019-20 academic year (a $100 value). The seminar will conclude no later than 3 o'clock on Friday, June 7th.

FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS / AVAILABLE PRESENTATION EQUIPMENT: Presenters are required to register for and pay the regular participant registration fee ($200). AAUA is not in a position to pay honoraria or to assist with transportation/lodging. The presentation venue will provide a podium, computer, projector (with speaker), and projection screen. Presenters will be responsible for providing any additional required equipment.

PROPOSAL SUBMISSION PROCESS: Each proposal should include the following elements: (1) A title that is descriptive of the issue being addressed; (2) A background and rationale statement that describes the issue/problem, the need for addressing this topic and/or why this is of interest to both U.S. and international administrators; (3) A summary of presentation techniques to be employed, being sure to address—in some substantial detail—how the presenter(s) will engage participants in the presentation; (4) The names, title, institutional affiliation, and email address of each person who will participate in the delivery of the session; and (5) A statement that—if chosen for the program—all proposed presenters will attend for the entirety of the seminar and will participate in other sessions in as engaged collaborative participants. (There is no minimum/maximum length specified for proposal submissions.)

SUBMITTING A PROPOSAL: Proposals received by December 1st will be guaranteed consideration. (After that date, proposals will continue to be accepted and reviewed until the program is complete. Proposals must be submitted electronically (as MS Word document) to Dan L. King, President & Chief Executive Officer of AAUA (DKING@AAUA.ORG).

DECISIONS ON PROPOSALS: Decisions on proposal submissions will be communicated by January 10th. (For proposals submitted after the December 1st deadline, notification will be made by January 10th or within one month of submission, whichever is later.) Because we are unable to accept many worthy proposals, the decision on acceptance is not considered final until each presenter has registered for the seminar. Registration is required within one month of notification of acceptance. After that deadline, the acceptance may be withdrawn so that another worthy proposal can be accepted.

LOCATION: The 2019 seminar will be held at the Courtyard by Marriott Detroit Downtown Hotel (333 East Jefferson Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48226).

ABOUT THE ASSOCIATION: AAUA was established in 1970 as a non-profit organization to represent the professional development and leadership interests of higher education administrators.

An organization whose membership is as diverse as American higher education as a whole, AAUA membership includes presidents, deans, directors, department chairpersons, and individuals working in a variety of other administrative positions in two- and four-year, public and private (non-profit and for-profit) institutions. We value the collaborative strength of professional development and leadership across all administrative roles and between/among personnel at all institutional types.

The mission of the American Association of University Administrators is to develop and advance superior standards for the profession of higher education administration. Through its policy statements, programs, and services the Association emphasizes the responsibility of administrators, at all levels, to demonstrate moral and ethical leadership in the exercise of all their duties.

To achieve these ends the Association provides, through programs and services, opportunities for the professional development of its members, whether they be employed by colleges, universities, specialized institutions, or professional associations.

The association works actively to: (1) Promote the professional development of individuals engaged in the administration of higher education; (2) Establish ethical and professional standards for administrators and institutions of higher education; and (3) Cultivate the mutuality of interests of those engaged in or concerned with the administration of higher education.

While membership in AAUA is individually focused, the association does provide for institutionally-supported memberships, with discounted rates to academic institutions that sponsor five or more members.

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