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Call for Poster Presentation Proposals

2017 Leadership Seminar – "Influencing Change in American Higher Education: Who Is Setting the Agenda?"

Chateau LeMoyne – French Quarter │ New Orleans, Louisiana │ June 8-9, 2017
(Pre-seminar Session / Board of Directors Meeting: Wednesday, June 7th)

The American Association of University Administrators (AAUA) invites individuals and teams to submit proposals for poster presentation at the association's 2017 Annual Leadership Seminar.

About the Seminar: The AAUA Annual Leadership Seminar comprises a limited number of American higher education professionals who are keenly interested in administrative practices. The number of seminar participants is limited to no more than 75; this limitation ensures opportunities for meaningful interaction between presenters and participants as well as among participants themselves. Many participants find the seminar as a place of meaningful professional networking and/or a place where scholarly collaborations are initiated.

This is not a program that focuses on theoretical work or reports on current higher education research. (AAUA values such thought and research but believes that there are sufficient alternative outlets for reporting and discussing these matters—including a professional/scholarly journal published by AAUA, the Journal of Higher Education Management.) Instead, we offer presentations that share the details and outcomes of emerging and model programs; present new administrative, leadership, or management strategies and results; and promulgate effective approaches to addressing and solving common higher education problems. The seminar also presents issues and problems, and then systematically engages participants in collective consideration and problem solving related to the issue/problem.

The theme of the 2017 seminar, "Influencing Change in American Higher Education – Who Is Setting the Agenda" is especially appropriate for poster presentations that describe effective responses to externally-influenced or externally mandated change—changes in policies, programs, standards, financial parameters, and so forth; that undertake to identify the antecedents of change and then describe the processes of planning, procedural steps in implementing, and results of change; and/or that analyze or generalize about the change experience in a way that will be helpful to other institutions.

What We're Especially Looking For: The program planning committee believes that the success of the seminar is validated when participants leave with new thoughts about and new perspectives on common problems in higher education. The committee seeks proposals for presentations about which seminar participants will say one or more of the following, "Wow, that's a great and very creative way to respond to that issue," or "I'm already thinking about how we can apply this at home," or "I've never thought about this problem in this way before." (In addition, while not exclusively limited to this group, we invite and welcome poster presentation proposals from students who are actively pursuing graduate degrees related to higher education leadership.)

Expectations of Presenters: Posters will be displayed (with opportunities for informal discussion) during the seminar reception on Thursday evening (5:30 – 7:30 P.M.). It is the responsibility of the poster presenter(s) to provide all necessary materials and equipment (e.g., poster, easel, projector, screen, etc.). It is further expected that all personnel associated with the poster presentation will attend and be present during the entire display time, and that they will engage with seminar participants in discussions about the poster topic.

Financial Requirement / Registration: AAUA is not in a position to pay honoraria or to assist with transportation/lodging. Individuals attending the seminar for the sole purpose of presenting a poster (Thursday, 5:30 – 7:30 P.M. only) are not required to pay the seminar registration fee. Poster presenters are eligible to participate in the full seminar, however, this participation does require payment of the seminar registration fee.

Poster Presentation Proposal Submission Process: Each poster presentation proposal should include the following elements: (1) A title that is descriptive of the issue being addressed; (2) A written description of the proposed session (maximum 250 words); (3) The names, title, and institutional affiliation, and email address of each person who will participate in the delivery of the poster. (Only the names of those in attendance at the seminar poster presentation session will be included in the seminar program booklet.) 

Submitting a Proposal: Proposals received by February 15th will be guaranteed consideration. (After that date, proposals will continue to be accepted and reviewed until the program is complete. Proposals must be submitted electronically (as MS Word document) to Dan L. King, President & CEO of AAUA (DKING@AAUA.ORG). Decisions will be communicated by March 1st, or—for proposals submitted after the February 15th deadline—within two weeks of submission.

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